A great read. Captivating characters that make you reminisce the innocence of your teenage years....including the inevitable mistakes and challenges life brings, with a twist of magic that keeps the pages turning! - Joanna

Lucianna never really thought about the darker side of magic the warlocks wielded until she found herself falling in love with James. Now she has to face both the prejudice of her friends and family and the fact that James never came back from his Trial, a pilgrimage that every Dark One is required to take.

Kat Doughty

Your book was amazing! I loved the characters and honestly did not want the story to end! I look forward to reading more books by you!
You had me glued to this book by the first chapter! - Heather

Can't wait to read more from this author. Kat has the uncanny ability to create characters that are real and worm their way into your heart. I enjoyed this book from start to finish, a clever concept written with a great writing style. - Jennifer